What is Waterjet Cutting

A waterjet cutter is a machine capable of cutting through a variety of materials, in a variety of thicknesses with the use of high pressure water mixed with a fine grit called garnet. In comparison, it is the same as natural water erosion, just refined into a fine, high pressure stream. This stream of water is approx 0.8mm thick, depending on material thickness, running through the nozzle at 40,000PSI.
There are many benefits to using a waterjet for your cutting needs. Some of these benefits are:

  • Capable of attaining accuracy within 0.1mm-0.3mm depending on material thickness
  • Cut virtually any material
  • Cut materials from 0.5mm-90mm thick
  • No heat generated/No burn marks
  • Ability to cut composite materials eg honeycomb sheets
  • Cut a variety of intricate shapes
  • With a stream of 0.8mm there is very little waste material
  • Cut a series of parts nested into a 2400x1200 sheet
  • Minimal, if any, removal of burrs required after cutting

When sending a drawing for quotation, the preferred file extension is DXF however we can also open DWG and PDF files. We also have the ability to scan sample pieces or reproduce a part from a sample piece or sketch.